BP: Building a 'Write Once, Publish Anywhere' Culture With Arc

For global energy company BP, maintaining a clear internal communications strategy across the world was enormously difficult. See how Arc helped bring efficiency and consistency to BP's internal communications.

BP Calgary HeadquartersWith more than 70,000 employees across 79 countries and 16 languages and operating 250 internal websites along with various newsletters, maintaining a clear internal communications strategy was an enormously difficult task. While BP explored solutions, at the same time, they could not afford a disruptive technology overhaul to solve the problem.

One of the biggest contributors to their challenge was
the development and delivery of content. Although BP had a CMS, it didn’t contain all the places content was being created. Delivery proved to be equally challenging as BP employed four different systems to serve their content.

With Arc's headless CMS, powered by AWS technology, BP was able to consolidate their multiple publishing platforms into one, bringing increased efficiency and communication consistency to their internal communications.

As a result of this consolidation and migration to Arc, BP experienced a nearly 75 percent reduction in content development and distribution timelines, with an almost equal reduction in new employee onboarding.

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