Graham Media Group: Solving for Growing Live Streaming Demand

Faced with growing live streaming demand, Graham Media Group sought a robust video platform and to solve the inefficiencies of traditional live broadcasting. In Arc, they found solutions to both challenges.

By partnering with Arc Publishing, Graham Media Group (GMG) found the solution they were looking for in a unified video backend and a collaboration with Arc to launch a first-of-its kind iOS live streaming app, Broadcast.

Leveraging AWS Elemental technology, Broadcast has enabled GMG's reporters to stream high-quality live video directly from their phone to social media - including Facebook and YouTube, station websites and over-the-air simultaneously.

Thrilled with the impact Arc’s platform had on modernizing their video publishing operations, GMG migrated the rest of their content ecosystem into Arc’s headless CMS.

Taking just eight weeks to launch the first site, with the remaining seven sites rolled out over the course of the following two and a half weeks, the results of moving to Arc have exceeded GMG’s wildest expectations.

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