The Globe and Mail: Building a Culture of Innovation with Arc

As challenges confronted the publishing industry, The Globe and Mail reallocated internal resources to build a data foundation that continues to drive their business forward. See how Arc helped drive this change.

With mounting challenges confronting the publishing industry, The Globe and Mail, Canada’s newspaper of record, needed to control costs while innovating to support sustained growth.

In adopting Arc Publishing's headless CMS, powered by AWS, The Globe gained peace of mind in not having to worry about content management, enabling them to focus and reallocate internal resources to building a strong data science foundation. 

The result of this focus is the development of The Globe's innovative business intelligence and predictive analytics tools, which were utilized in a 2017 print redesign that saved The Globe $1 million in newsprint costs. 

Today data science continues to be at the heart of The Globe's financial success. The Globe, in turn, continues to view Arc as a critical driver of that success. 

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